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Signed, Sealed and Delicious! Elizabeth City’s Local Restaurants’ Signature Dishes

Signed, Sealed and Delicious! Elizabeth City’s Local Restaurants’ Signature Dishes



Montero’s Restaurant, Bar & Catering, 252-331-1067. 414 McArthur Drive, Elizabeth City.

The signature dish at Montero’s Restaurant is the Chicken Ashley.  It’s a breaded and pan-fried chicken breast stuffed with herbed cream cheese and then topped with a creamy Chardonnay sauce.  A mainstay on the menu, it’s one of only a handful of items offered since the restaurant opened. As many times as I’ve eaten at Montero’s I don’t know how I’ve never tried this dish. I’m so glad I finally did. The chicken was crazy moist and the rich cream cheese balanced by the light wine sauce made me fall in love with it. Appropriate, since Andy cooked this dish for Karin many times while he was courting her. It’s a dish borne of love and it truly IS lovely. (It’s worth a special trip to Montero’s just to ask both Andy and Karin the story of how he courted her with chicken.)



The Flour Girls Café and Bakery, 252-331-2230. 102 N. Water Street, Elizabeth City.

The Flour Girls in downtown Elizabeth City has only recently opened, but they are making a name for themselves with their Monte Cristo sandwich. How can someone’s signature dish be a simple ham and cheese sandwich, you may wonder.  They’ve done it by combining a third of a pound of Boar’s Head ham, brie cheese, and a choice of blackberry, grape or strawberry jam and serving it grilled Panini-style on two made from scratch Belgium waffles. The grilling of the waffles crisps them up while the flavors of the jam and brie meld together for a sweet but savory combination. I recommend the blackberry jam for a touch of zing. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy their all-the-rage grandma’s recipe homemade pickles.



Happy Taco, 252-339-5532. Elizabeth City; Location varies, currently between 1910 Weeksville Road (near the US Coast Guard Base) Monday through Friday from 6:30am-2:00pm and 1310 W. Ehringhaus Street (beside McDonalds) Monday through Friday 4:00 pm-9:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am-9:00 pm. *Call for updated locations.

One would think that the signature dish at a taco truck would be a taco, right? Not so at the Happy Taco Truck, although the tacos are pretty darn tasty.  First, I must point out that all of their tortillas are homemade, which is the perfect start to an authentic Mexican signature dish. It is no wonder that the California Burrito is one of their most ordered and loved items. A burrito stuffed to the gills with carne asada (grilled beef), french fries, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole, it’s a dish guaranteed to make you scream, “delicioso!”


What’s your favorite eatery’s signature dish? We’d love to hear about it! Don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite dish and use #DiscoverECity.


Deborah Malenfant is a former entrepreneur and business owner. She lives in and loves Elizabeth City; and also loves the mountains. She is a freelance writer and personal blogger. Her personal motto is, “Everything is an experience.”